The next 3 to 5 years, the ceramic tile industry will be the development of the brand
    Whether it is a business for many years, or just entering the market, in the current competitive and full of temptation in the market environment, the desire for a strong brand is the same. The benefits of a strong brand is self-evident, it can be more active to respond to competition, have a higher value added, lower promotional compliance, lower the risk of new products, as there is an intangible brand equity.
    According to industry reports, since 2015, has more than 20 ceramic enterprises resigned due to operational problems facing bankruptcies, only the Pearl River Delta region has 12. Insiders said that after 2015 the whole industry of intense shock, in 2016, many ceramic tile enterprises are under unprecedented operating pressure. Under the weight of the market surplus, the ceramic tile industry has gradually stepped into the big consolidation.
    In the next 5 to 3 years, the ceramic tile industry or will face large-scale restructuring and integration of the situation. After integration, the industry will no longer be like small factories, many brand-name, but to the development of the brand.
    Annwa ceramic tile said, there are brands to have the future
    Annwa tiles, with focus on interpretation of human ingenuity Home Furnishing aesthetics of life, with millions of happy families with quality and art. The constant pursuit of higher quality, world without end to explore the road of innovation, the introduction of Italy, Spain and other foreign advanced ceramic tile production equipment and technology, in order to "master" brand and "natural, fashion, simple image of the product, leading technology and fashion trend of the ceramic industry, providing more elegant, more comfortable, more humane living space for people to become the preferred Jiezhuang consumers building materials products.
    Annwa ceramic tile in the shape of the brand, from the product, dig out its unique product selling point, and as a brand in this stage of the core demands, to give the power of the brand's unique.
    Adhering to the "innovation, scientific development," the brand management philosophy, is committed to creating a wide range of consumer favorite brand. The marble tile, porcelain brick, wood, matt tiles, polished tiles as a core brand products, has developed into a large-scale operation, fine management, integration of the well-known brands of ceramic tile manufacturers.
    Pilot art decoration in the future, to create a model of marble tiles brand, cast international brand. In many years of unremitting efforts and the quality of the witness, Annwa ceramic tiles in the industry and consumers have established a good reputation. In the future, with "innovation, integrity and pragmatic" spirit of enterprise Annwa tiles, will continue to forge ahead, to sustainable development of positive and healthy to create more value for consumers, create higher quality, win more trust, write more brilliant!


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