Ceramic tile industry 3-5 years will now clear the reorganization period
    "Ceramic tile industry is relatively slow response to the traditional industries, therefore, the integration period is more than other industries to come late." Nobel group president Shen Jianfa to accept the Economic Information Daily reporters, said the next 3 to 5 years, the ceramic tile industry or face a large adjustment. After integration, the industry will no longer be like small factories, many brand-name, but to the development of the brand.
    In fact, since last year, has more than 20 ceramic enterprises resigned due to operational problems facing bankruptcies, only the Pearl River Delta did last year 12 failed. Insiders said, after fierce concussion, in 2014 the whole industry in 2015, many enterprises are under the tile hitherto unknown operating pressure, the market surplus and shortage of funds, employees are the most troubled scarce tile enterprises. At the forefront of the agent, not only face the increasingly scarce resources of customers, but also face more and more competitors. The store is in continuous increase of rent.
    And under the weight, and gradually into the big rectification. Industry will be a number of sewage, production safety, product grade low enterprises will be phased out, and fast transformation, innovation and more enterprises will expand its coverage.
    Recently, Nobel ceramic tile will release its innovative products - porcelain tiles. According to reports, porcelain throwing bricks to replace the traditional glazed porcelain surface model, with three-dimensional seepage flowers to replace the plane printing, combined with multi component fabrics micron technology and surface treatment technology, the surface more durable, more realistic and more full-bodied texture patterns, texture more thick, more gentle touch of the five characteristics, it is called a new a generation of ceramic tile.
    Nobel Group Chairman Luo Shuigen said that the current ceramic industry has entered the development of the new normal, facing the critical moment of enterprise transformation and upgrading. In response to the national supply side reform and transformation and upgrading of the industry demand, Nobel tiles more actively adjust the development of ideas, the innovation and creativity, starting from the creation of consumer demand, improve the ability of "made".


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