Lang Xianping said the future of the brand "useless" ceramic brand how to transition
    In December 29, 2015, the Fifth National People's Congress on ceramics, the famous economist Lang Xianping pointed out in his speech at the scene, the importance of the brand in the minds of consumers is decreasing continuously, the ceramic tile enterprises, if you want to simply rely on brand strategy to win the market, the future will face enormous challenges.
    Lang Xianping pointed out that the statistics authority, in the questionnaire survey in the future will buy you a brand identity of products ", only in 2013 to 2014, the purchase of branded products was decreased by 7% in a year; that brand products very good-looking people dropped from 43% to 30%; brand the identity of the consumer products show from 44% to 28%; it rose from 22% to 26% of the brand; brand products, high-profile ostentatiously from 24% up to 28%; the brand products obsolete vulgar rose from 11% to 18%. In the survey of the top three brands you want to have, the preferences of the top ten brands fell by 21% in a year.
    "On November 2015, 12 year old business Guangzhou Libo square LV store doors locked, officially closed. Brand influence in the minds of consumers have a significant decline in it?
    It is not difficult to see from the change of the statistical data, the importance of the brand in the minds of consumers showed a sharp decline in the trend.
    What do consumers want, Lang Xianping thinks, there is no doubt that consumers want to be fashion products. In the past is the leading fashion brand, the future of a certain young leading fashion consumption.
    Future consumer market consumption, focus on design and fashion trends must be the future of consumer trends; do not brand logo, product specialization, hope to cooperate with designers to show their ideas. The ceramic industry, this situation must change.


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